In the context of keenness to participate in international scientific events to raise the level of the educational process and the continuous development that the faculty of pharmacy seeks to achieve, the faculty of pharmacy at the Libyan International Medical University participated in the activities of the conference “My dispense and beyond 2022” organized by Monash University) Australia (which was held from July 17 to July 20, 2022, in Tuscany, participated.

Heba Al-Shamy, “Head of the Pharmaceutical Practice Department”, over two days, presented a summary of two research papers through the first posters entitled PharmD students’ perception toward using My dispense during virtual training at Libyan International Medical University”

And the second one is titled “Pharmacy Experiential Training During COVID-19: A STORY OF INSPIRATION”

The participation of Professor Heba Al-Shami won the admiration of the participants in the conference, especially after explaining how to use the My dispense to provide solutions during the Corona pandemic period, as students were able to complete the training hours, whether it was the summer IPPE1-IPPE2 or the clinical APPE.

It is worth mentioning that the Libyan International University of Science The medical university is the only and first Libyan university that has been keen to participate in this conference since its beginnings in 2016, which is used for the My dispense program at the level of Libya.

This program provides the opportunity for its users with virtual training on dispensing medicines and evaluating medical prescriptions in terms of the validity of dispensing them to the patient without the need for training in real life, exposing the patient to the risk of dispensing drugs in the wrong way.

The conference activities also included several presentations by other participants, from various countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, Korea, Australia, Germany, Italy, America, Canada, Britain and others.

The participation of the faculty of pharmacy in this event will benefit the most from our experience in the clinical training of APPE students so that these techniques are applied to disease scenarios of Libyan patients from the reality of Libyan hospitals.


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