The Libyan International Medical University (LIMU) depends on modern and advanced learning methodologies, one of them being Problem Based Learning, which is a student-centred pedagogy of self-learning that amplifies learning and researching independently. What distincts Problem Based Learning (abbreviated as PBL) is that it is an advanced educational system in which the student is tasked with discussing a problem on the first day which is known as (Brain Storming) and through this, the student analyzes the ideas presented and obtains from them the learning objectives under the supervision of the tutors.

Through this methodology or system, the student acquires the opportunity to research and articulate the learning objectives and consult with the academic supervisor on the following day, known as Tutor Availability to be informed further on the depth and accuracy of the information. While on the third day, a discussion session known as (Debriefing) is held where the student discusses with colleagues the details of the learning objectives and to be assessed on what the student has presented in the session.



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