The Administration of Postgraduate Studies plays a major role in the development of educational programs within the framework of the University’s strategic plan, including the development of Postgraduate studies programs and research, facilitating its dissemination in accordance with Quality standards and emphasizing the Competitive benefits of globalization.

It also works on the Diversity of Academic disciplines and the introduction of Joint interface programs linked to the nation’s needs and the areas of development. In addition, it works on the development of all its services and the management of its operations to facilitate procedures and activate them to achieve the vision of the University and its strategy.

The Administration’s work-load is carried-out by a Committee called the “University Postgraduate Studies Committee”, formed by a decision from the University’s President, headed by the “University’s Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research” and The Membership Of A Number of Acclaimed Experts In The Administration Of Post Graduate Representing the Following University Bodies:

 The Faculties, represented by the Faculty’s Vice-Dean or her/his representative.
 The Capacity Building Department or Administration, represented by the University’s Quality Assurance Unit Supervisor.
 Academic Relations and the International Cooperation Administration.
 The Educational Programs Office.
 The Research and Consultancies Centre.
 The Training and Continuing Education Centre.

Where the University’s “Office of Postgraduate Studies Secretary” acts as a rapporteur of this Committee.